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I made the following comment on a chat site, "Is it my imagination (which is very vivid) or do I notice a lot of women smiling as they are searched at airport terminal security checks.

I seem to see a lot of them with their legs spread out, arms out to their sides as someone runs a wand over them.

He watched as Natalie slowly stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower.

He could not see her in the shower, the curtain hiding her from the hidden cameras in her room, but he had seen her naked many times during the last 10 days, including watching her as she masturbated late at night.

She was enjoying her stay in Cuba, but her thoughts kept racing back to her first day and her experience at the terminal.

She had spent every day looking around the city and also the countryside.

Often, the victim would be forced to spread her knees to prevent them from breaking, opening herself for his pleasure. Natalie was sitting on the couch, waiting for a few minutes since her reservations were not for a half-hour.

She turned toward the door, startled, as it burst open and three men in uniforms rushed in.

Slowly, Natalies hands were being raised over her head.

Higher and higher her arms went, over her head, her breasts beginning to strain against the blouse.


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