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I pushed my chair back, slowly slid my hand into my shorts and started masturbating while she watched and continued to rub herself.For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again.I could find nothing to watch that I was in the mood for so I switched the TV off and logged onto my PC.

I checked my equipment, tested my mic and all was working fine.

When I looked at her video stream again, she had dropped he towel.

Before we finalised any arrangements though, I got a Skype call from her in the middle of my study session one afternoon.

I answered as I usually do but saw that she was opening her door to let someone in.

My father insisted that I take a day off once a week and leave the studies on the weekend as he was concerned I would burn myself out, this meant I had enough free time to do what I please, get bored or get up to mischief. On one of my scheduled off days, I was in no mood to leave my room but I was incredibly bored.

I lay on my bed, switched on the TV and started flipping through channels.

When she stopped touching herself, I watched her body spasm and twitch with aftershocks, as did mine, and we finally put our legs down and looked at each other’s faces again.“Thanks Shelly, I really enjoyed that”“I must admit, so did I”We spoke for a few more minutes about it and then she added“So, what are we going to do to top this next time? She also implied that this would be somewhat of a competition to see who could outdo or shock the other the most.

After that we felt closer than ever, we continued to talk every day and became best cyber buds to the point that we discussed a meet up.

With her chair raised I had a full view of her pussy and she continued to rub her clit.“Come on, get naked, don’t leave me hanging here”I stood up, held my breath and then took of my clothes with my back to her.

Nervously I turned around slowly and adjusted my chair as she did. She had her feet up on the desk on either side of her keyboard which spread her legs open completely, so I positioned myself in the same way and started masturbating again.“Perfect Shelly, you have a beautiful pussy”We watched each other masturbate and when I could see her orgasm building up I climaxed immediately and she followed directly after. ”We discussed it a little further and she finally decided that when one of us is about to start something again that we would Skype the other to watch or join.


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