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He was massaging me and then started massaging my ass a bit.I thought it was a bit weird but didn’t say anything.It started like any normal human conversation until he started asking me if I was wearing panties and asked to show him.

They involve long drawn out and often public processes where the accusers past is dug up.

They wanted to avoid the potential drama and stress of that process but welcomed an article and more public awareness about Tyler.

I was in a state of mind where I was kind of malleable but I was still there.

He started touching me and I told him I didn’t want to do anything with him. I said to him at one point while he was doing it, ‘why are you doing this?

One woman who spoke out describes her experience of being at a club with him:“As the night went on he got really touchy feely with me and I told him he needed to back off.

He would not stop following me around, like I went to the restroom and he stood outside the door waiting on me.

One woman posted their objections: Local dubstep and bass music producers and DJs have organized a thorough and swift campaign on Facebook and elsewhere to inform nightclubs, other musicians and women about Tyler.

New Mountain Asheville canceled a recent event as a result of the allegations. None of the women I spoke with for this story wanted to be named publicly. Very few cases like these are successfully prosecuted.

Written by Be Scofield SEE FULL BIO / Author contact: [email protected]/18/18In October of last year Sarah Davis (not her real name) went to Tyler Ray Palmer’s house to hang out and maybe get a massage. After hanging for a few she describes what happened:“I was laying on his bed.

She hadn’t met him before but she knew of him through his underground dance music event promotion company Unified Events. I had my shirt pulled up some but I still had my clothes on.


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