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Patricii : Irish Canons, (i) Sinodi episcoporum, Patricii Auxilii, Isernini, (2) two single Canons attributed to St. Patricii sinodi, all eroneoualy so attributed, and to be referred in their present form to a date AJ>. 650, and certainly not later than the of the eighth century.

in Trinity College, Dublin, published by Irish Arch.

Bright, W., Early English Church History : Oxford, 1878.

This appears plainly on the face of such unhistorical passages as the following in Ultan s Life of St. The author thus describes her dream and consequent action : In urbe Romana juxta corpora Petri et Pauli audivi missas; et nimis desidero ut ad me istius ordo et universa regula feratur a Roma. The introduction of the Roman Liturgy into the Irish Church is antedated in this passage by many centuries. 50), and a part of Chapter iii in letters to the Editor of the Academy, Latin authorities have been frequently quoted in extenso. There is a vast amount of unsifted and undated, or erroneously dated, material preserved in various collections, especially in the Bollandists edition of the Acta Sanctorum. XI Gaelic authorities have merely been referred to.

material accessible in Great Britain; and, so far as Ireland and Scotland are concerned, by Mr. Its value for liturgical illustration is diminished by the fact that it all belongs to a period subsequent to the conformity of the Celtic Church to the Church of Rome. Some important Irish manuscripts, as the Stowe Missal, &:c., have never been published ; others, as the Leabhar Breac, &c., have been published iu facsimile, without note or comment, and need the editorial explanations of some one who is at once an antiquarian, an ecclesiastical historian, and a palaeographer, in order to assign their date and value to the historical, ecclesiastical, and liturgical tracts of which they are com posed 1 .

Within the last few years extensive additions have been made to the scanty materials available to Sir W.

Betham, Sir W., Irish Antiquarian Researches : Dublin. Black Book of Caermarthen: a twelfth-century Welsh MS.

176-189) devoted one short chapter to the Liturgy of the Celtic Church, which consisted largely of guesses and of the re petition at secondhand of statements which he was unable to verify, but which, were he to write now, he would either . ; bv the examination of architectural remains, and of stonework in scriptions and designs.

Palmer in 1839, in some instances by the discovery, in other instances by the publication for the first time, of various ancient Irish and Scottish liturgical fragments/ by the printing- of certain important Celtic manuscripts- by the collection in palaeographical and archaeological volumes of the representations in Celtic illuminated MSS.

Communion in both kinds Communion of Infanta Women to be Veiled Reservation Eulogiae ....

volume known as the Stowe Missal, and to Professor Rhys, Mr. Henry Bradshaw for their kindly-afforded assistance in linguistic and pala?


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