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You’re better off using the tor-technology for anonymous browsing.The tor-technology does not allow to be easily compromised by agencies, because your tor-traffic is always routed among three different nodes, an entry-node a middle-node/bridge and an exit-node.

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Pathology Abbreviated: A Long Review of Short Terms.

Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 17-352, 2004.

Compromising two servers seems like an easy task, but your tor traffic-route changes every ten minutes to different servers/countries/continents and there are tens of thousands tor-servers out there, servers from private people, severs from companies, servers that are not controlled by any government agency.

Anyone can set up a tor-server, especially when you already have a web-server with a static IP address. Maybe I’ll blog about setting up a tor-node someday.

This is a very difficult task, as hackers’ nature is being eager to work, not giving up on anything and always striving to go forward.

This ambition is what can get you caught if you’re not careful.

The chosen nodes are random and might be set up on different continents.

There is no way to predict your random traffic-routes and even if there was a way to do so, an agency would have to compromise at least two out of three servers to identify you.


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