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Sixty-one percent of those tested in the Pew poll called the protests "appropriate" while just 34 percent said they were inappropriate.Nearly two-thirds of independents, the critical voting bloc as both parties look to the 2010 midterm elections and the 2012 presidential race, described the protests as appropriate. attorney Chris Christie (R) by just six points in a new Democratic survey.Obviously, anyone without a valid Social Security number would have to be investigated.

The early polling returns suggests, not all that surprisingly, that the town hall rancor, which is centered on concerns over the impact of a health reform bill, is being followed closest by self-identified Republicans.

Nearly 80 percent of Republicans in the USA Today survey said they were watching the proceedings very or somewhat closely and a majority (51 percent) said the town halls have made them feel "more sympathetic" to the views being expressed by the protesters.

"Out you go" just doesn't seem first guess would be checking Social Security numbers (whatever the experts would recommend for employment verification). ) all student loan applications (might be something there); Depositions from all of his Kenyan relations alive in 1961 (and if any one can't speak English or has died, well THAT is really suspicious).

his afterbirth (you never know, and if they don't have it THAT is suspicious); records of his latest colonoscopy (he just wants to get the next one cheap -- that's what all this reform talk is rooted in); a sample of his DNA (maybe it will reveal an absence of white culture.

A thinking person would say "Gee, unless there was some big conspiracy the day baby Barak was born, I guess the newspaper announcement of his birth along with the address of his parents should satisfy anyone." Or else you could say "I'm not an expert on these things, and I guess since the officials in Hawaii say Yes and Justice Roberts says Yes, maybe I should just accept that sometimes other people know more than I do." And I'm not really expecting you to solve the problem about illegal aliens in ERs. I'm trying to get you to see that anyone who arrives in distress at an emergency room should be treated because there is NO ethical way to turn them away.

No individual databases needed -- just an Internet connection -- like I said, whatever the experts would recommend (hopefully, using what is already in place).

If I were also in charge of ICE, we could co-ordinate responses and round up aliens / fine businesses before it even impacts the ER.

Jake, your solution means that every clerk in every ER has got a data base of everyone's SSN attached to their name, their birthdate and a current image of the person.

(These numbers are all the more amazing given that Brown has already served as governor and has been kicking around the state's politics for three decades while Newsom has drawn national and international coverage for his strong advocacy of gay marriage.) Brown is the better known and better liked candidate in the Democratic field.

Forty eight percent express a favorable opinion of Brown while 37 percent see him in n unfavorable light; forty percent are favorable to Newsom while 42 percent view him unfavorably.


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