Seven secrets of a healthy dating relationship

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This book shows women how God can perform a deep heart transformation within us that will allow His love and care to flow through us to the people in our workplaces. Jan Coates overcame an unthinkable childhood, the death of her only biological child, depression, and life-threatening cancer to become a positive, successful speaker who motivates and encourages tens of thousands of people to improve their daily lives by adopting a ... What people think affects what they do, and what people do affects what they think.

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Adjusting and coping, to either a new routine or a new way of thinking, is difficult and crucial.

A successful couple will be able to weather changes together, adapting and supporting each other.

#1 New York Times best-selling authors, Les and Leslie.

A husband-and-wife team who not only share the same name, but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships.

At thirty weeks pregnant Matt Mooney and his wife Ginny were informed that their child had a genetic disease— Trisomy 18.

There is no better illustration of this adage than John Wesley, the pivotal founder of Methodism. Living with a chronic condition can be relentless and not everyone reaches a point of complete healing. This resource provides a theology of worship in the Wesleyan tradition that will help church leaders consider and be discerning in both how they plan for a worship service, as well as the actual planning that goes into crafting a ... The birds have gone, and what had been a constant blur of activity is now nothing more than a few discarded feathers. Maybe a relationship ended, the dream job went to someone else, or something you hadn't counted on-health problems or the death of a loved one-interrupted your normal routine. For anyone dealing with ongoing pain, they know that not all pain relief comes from a bottle of pills.Change is a heavy burden on almost everyone, even change from worse to better.Both people and lives change, affording the opportunity for growth.Aside from loving your partner, you also need to actually like her too, and show it.Let your partner know, on a regular basis, that you enjoy your time with her.Encouraging her--to stand up for herself or simply pursue a new hobby--will develop respect.Even the simplest, random compliments will do wonders for your partner's self-esteem.Their books have sold over two million copies in more than two dozen languages.The Parrotts have been guests on many national TV and radio programs such as CNN, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, The View with Barbara Walters, NBC Nightly News, and Oprah.


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