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Never has it been so easy to collect attention, to go on a dates that don’t go beyond one or a few, or to get laid – just go on a dating site or lurk around in a bar.If you want a friends with benefits or ‘companionship’ scenario, there’s someone out there that’s only too happy to oblige.Extending the benefit of the doubt to the directors, writers, producers, etc: The probable reason that this dimension of Greek culture seems to be omitted from these blockbusters is because society seems unable to divorce itself from the images of Anal Sex & effeminacy in ref to M2M intimacy.

However, due to the large, unique demographics that G0YS compose -a fast-track technique has been established to enable G0YS to find G0YS with similar interests -while effortlessly building public awareness (a side effect) of the group's existence in certain locales.Q: "What's the difference between a straight and gay guy? " LOTS of guys know that the "joke" contains an element of truth!But, most guys don't relate to the stereotypes of the term "GAY" at all, because it has "UNmasculine" stigmas inferred by the mere use. There's nothing like having friends like Amish & Mennonite neighbors to give the term "A roll in the hay" some real meaning for guys growing up in Amish country.If you're not ambitious enough to make your group's 1st impression attention-grabbing, -then reconsider starting one to begin with.After all: People only join what catches their interest.A method has been designed to allow the motivated g0y to run his own g0y group - while getting a listing-link from the MAIN G0Y's group!Whatever your "slice of G0YDOM", we want you to feel included, but not constrained by the feel of the hard-line'd brand of g0y ideology that some think exists on the main g0y's site located at & a full allotment of text.This group was created after examining a number of statistics gleaned from the main goys site & the affiliated groups.There is a growing group of men who are 40ish & have made strong identification with the g0ys movement. Please try to stay within a 7-year window membership age-range: (33-56)There's a joke ...The truth is, you're a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize masculine men to be grossly distasteful We are the g0ys! Welcome to G0y Alt Group; a forum for respectful sharing in a manner supportive of our beliefs for guys who understand, accept and support the g0y philosophy.For those who may have found the "Main Group" a little on the "Strict Adherence to Protocol" side...


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