Sedating cats for air travel

Repeating dry cough without apparent reason is an obvious sign of psychologically induced cough.The coughing person feels the need to attract attention.

Treatment is with providing moist air for breathing, corticosteroids in inflammation, or antibiotics in bacterial infection.Collection of pus (abscess) may form beneath the mucosal layer in the pharyngeal wall and cause pain and fever.Antibiotics and ,occasionally, surgical incision may be needed.Common causes are: sugar and menthol may provide temporary relief by making a thin protective film over the throat mucosa.Breathing with mouth closed and avoiding speaking also helps.This disorder of an uncertain cause affects mainly young women in non-developed countries.It may run in families and it may be caused by bacterium . Acute bronchitis may develop as a complication of a chest cold or flu. In both cases, coughing results in dry itchy throat.Candida or other fungi may overgrow in the mouth and throat (oral thrush) in persons with low immunity due to diabetes, AIDS, cancer, chemotherapy, corticosteroid therapy, or other causes.Treatment is with anti-fungal rinses or pills containing nystatin.Viral infections, like common cold (rhinovirus), flu (influenza virus), infectious mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus), mumps, chickenpox or measles usually cause infection of upper respiratory tract with an itchy sore throat. Aspirin should be avoided, since in rare cases can cause a dangerous Reye’s syndrome with liver damage, especially in children.Bird flu is caused by can cause infection of the tonsils (strep throat) or epiglottis, especially in children.


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