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Using the Advanced Search interface or Preferences settings, Yahoo Search allowed the customization of search results and enabling of certain settings such as: Safe Search, Language Selection, Number of results, Domain restrictions, etc.On June 20, 2007, Yahoo introduced a selection-based search feature called Yahoo Shortcuts.Yahoo Search provided the ability to search across numerous vertical properties outside just the Web at large.

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You can see Zoom in action via the search box at the top of this very page or on our search page.Once purchased, Zoom Search Engine is yours to keep.Originally, "Yahoo Search" referred to a Yahoo-provided interface that sent queries to a searchable index of pages supplemented with its directory of websites. announced a deal in which Bing would henceforth power Yahoo! Seeking to provide its own search engine results, Yahoo! In 2002, they bought Inktomi, a "behind the scenes" or OEM search engine provider, whose results are shown on other companies' websites and powered Yahoo! In 2003, they purchased Overture Services, Inc., which owned the Allthe Web and Alta Vista search engines. owned multiple search engines, they didn't use them on the main website, but kept using Google's search engine for its results. Search became its own web crawler-based search engine.Yahoo Search indexed and cached the common HTML page formats, as well as several of the more popular file-types, such as PDF, Excel spreadsheets, Power Point, Word documents, RSS/XML and plain text files.For some of these supported file-types, Yahoo Search provided cached links on their search results allowing for viewing of these file-types in standard HTML.When activated this selection-based search feature enabled users to invoke search using only their mouse and receive search suggestions in floating windows while remaining on Yahoo properties such as Yahoo Mail.This feature was only active on Yahoo web pages or pages within the Yahoo Publisher Network. It provides fast and powerful full-text searching by indexing your website in advance with an user friendly desktop application that allows you to configure and index your site, from the convenience of your Windows computer.Zoom is both easy to use and still one of the most feature packed solutions on the market.This included index updates named Weather Updates and their Yahoo Search Assist feature.Yahoo Search also provided their search interface in at least 38 international markets and a variety of available languages.


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