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There is an underlying threat to the King’s requests to his closest friend.He might be the picture of amiability but if he doesn’t get his way then heads will role.

There is an underlying threat to the King’s requests to his closest friend.He might be the picture of amiability but if he doesn’t get his way then heads will role.You soon come to realise that the love that is shared between Ned and Catelyn is a rare sight on this show, a genuinely tender relationship built on mutual respect.

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He’s the sort that sees everything and makes the right allegiances to get by and can intelligently weave his way through a complex political situation.

Of course he’s not aversed to whoring and drinking either but that just makes him feel more authentic.

The Starks: Heading up the series is Sean Bean as Ned Stark, a brave and honourable man who is far more worthy than the political game he is thrust into.

It’s a quietly charismatic performance by Bean who is very easy to warm to despite the fact that he is seen to take a mans head clean off his shoulders in this episode.

It’s a startlingly faithful adaptation (where I was expecting the TV show to have taken some liberties for reason of budget and taste) and an intelligently and engagingly written saga chopped up into easily manageable bite sized character chunks.

It would be fair to say that Game of Thrones has completely revolutionised the fantasy genre in my eyes and I fully intend to read more once I have done devouring this sprawling masterpiece.In this case charisma comes in small packages and Dinklage is a mesmerising presence on the show.Tyrion is especially sympathetic to similar underdogs; cripples, bastards and the mistreated.She’s introduced in the novel as quite a cold, matriarchal sort of woman whereas Fairley stresses the gentler aspects of the character and as a result as much more likable than perhaps she is in print.Jennifer Ehle is one of my favourite actresses and I would have to have seen her tackle a part as demanding as this but Fairley is a more than acceptable substitute, your eyes drawing to her when she shares the screen with other characters.His conversation with Jon Snow is magnificently written and says everything you need to know about this character.The King: He’s a great bulk of a man whose stature reveals his lust for worldly pleasures.The fantasy elements are pretty much used to back up the drama of the piece rather than dominating proceedings.As soon as I finished the first and second series I did something that I said I would never do again and that is to pick up a fantasy epic and read it.Lena Headley is quite a catch, fresh from the Sarah Connor Chronicles and impressing in a very different sort of role.Cersei manages to keep up her air of disdain throughout their visit to Winterfell.


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