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For more information, check out this Web page of the U. This can be a problem when it’s important to know whether a file has been read since it was modified.

One solution is to use object access auditing to write an event to the Security log whenever someone accesses a file or other object.

1, 1980, on a FAT or FAT32 partition, but you can set dates at least back to 1752 on NTFS formatted files (depending on the software you’re using to change the dates).

There are many reasons you might want to change the time stamps on files.

For various reasons, the dates and times recorded may be inaccurate.

This could be because the computer’s system clock has been incorrectly set.In the right context menu, as shown in Figure B, select Date Created and click it so that a checkmark appears beside it.Now a column for Date Created will appear in Explorer.This will display the Choose Details box shown in Figure C.Another way to view the time stamps is via the DIR command at the command line.In many situations, ranging from business transactions to computer forensics investigations, it can be important to know the date and time a file was created, accessed, or changed.Modern Windows operating systems (Windows 9x through XP) keep records of these three values for each file and directory. However, the time stamps displayed by the operating system are by no means foolproof.This error can be caused by software programs or inadvertently or deliberately by a user to create a false time stamp.There are also a large number of programs available that are designed for manipulating time stamps.This information for the individual file is displayed on the General tab, as shown in Figure A.If you want to view the information for all files and subdirectories in a directory at a glance, you can do so in Windows Explorer.


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