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If all the space you’ve got is a postcard, the best thing to do probably is [8]: show a small sample to illustrate the rich variety of the whole range.This holds not just for the tartans, but also for the clans themselves - as this all too brief overview of their histories shows.Most of those are ‘modern’ patterns, created after the repeal of the Dress Act, which from 1746 to 1782 forbade the wearing of tartan.

"The whole wreckage was taken away by the Army Maintenance unit from Carluke and nothing was left.

"Dave went back later in the tractor and retrieved the items of which he gave me the section you are having for your collection.

Strange maps may be found hiding in antique atlases or down some of the internet’s more obscure cul-de-sacs [1].

But sometimes, curious cartography greets you on your very doorstep, hand-delivered by servants of the commonwealth.

Like this postcard, sent from the Isle of Lewis [2] in the Outer Hebrides.

It is both a map, showing the vaguely volucrine [3] shape that is Scotland; and an infographic, connecting 20 numbered dots pinpointing clan locations to as many tartans [4] next to the map.

On August 17 1987, then aged 93, Hess hanged himself in the prison's summerhouse using an electrical cable.

The fuselage and letter are expected to £3,000 pounds when they go under the hammer at Bonhams, the auction house, in New York on June 5.

Farm workers in Scotland squirrelled away parts of the fuselage of Rudolf Hess’s plane after it crashed into a field during the Second World War, it has emerged, as the wreckage has been put up for sale.

First on the scene was Dave Mc Lean, the foreman at Floors Farm in Eaglesham, just south of Glasgow, who apprehended Hess and handed the injured Nazi, who did not reveal he was the Deputy Fuhrer, over to the police.


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