Scott walker consolidating power

Last week, Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled Assembly passed three bills that together would completely gut existing campaign-finance laws, blunt prosecutors’ ability to investigate political corruption, and turn the state’s elections and ethics board into a partisan-controlled paper tiger.

Two of the bills are now before the Republican-controlled Senate, while the third has already been signed by Walker.

They want to get away with it quickly.” The legislative push is an attempt by Republicans to codify a controversial Wisconsin State Supreme Court decision, which involved an investigation into Scott Walker’s 2012 campaign to oppose an effort to recall him.

The ongoing investigation into allegations of illegal coordination between Walker’s 2012 campaign and outside conservative advocacy groups was abruptly halted this July—at the apogee of Walker’s presidential campaign—by the court.

In doing so he has galvanized opposition among a growing majority of women and awakened activism among millions of previously complacent and distracted Americans of all stripes.

His catastrophic regime has hastened the implosion of the Republican Party and will most likely deliver the House into Democratic (and hopefully more progressive) hands in the midterm elections.

The turnover in his staff and cabinet are unprecedented and would be laughable if they weren’t frightening as international crises loom.

Any benchmarks of governing normalcy have been so completely upended that his administration, the media and even Americans who don’t profess an interest in politics are reeling from a constant succession of political bombshells, seemingly on a daily basis.

My refrain hinted broadly that, instead, a descent into authoritarianism could well happen the next time around.

Not long after a grim ordeal in front of the television on Nov.


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