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Transformer Factory Impl"); You may want to read Section2.4.1, “JAXP” for more details - in particular if you are using Java 1.4 or later.

public String sign(String data) throws Exception ...: HTTP/1.1 200 OK x-amz-id-2: t ILPE8NBqo Q2Xn9Badd Gf/Yl LCSiwr KP OQOpbi5zaz MQ3p C56KQg Gk x-amz-request-id: 676918167DFF7F8C Date: Sun, GMT Location: /onjava Content-Length: 0 Server: Amazon S3Note: Thanks to ACL, an AWS user can grant read access to objects for anyone (anonymous).

An AWSSecret Key is assigned to each AWS customer, and this key is identified by an AWSAccess Key ID.

The key must be kept secret and will be used to digitally sign REST requests. Secret Key Spec signing Key = null; private javax.crypto. // This method converts AWSSecret Key into crypto instance.

The power of XPath expressions can make testing web page output quite trivial, and XMLUnit supplies a means of converting even very badly formed HTML into XML to aid this approach to testing.

The class handles the Sax events to build up a DOM document in a tolerant fashion i.e. (In a purely XML world this class would have no purpose as there are plenty of Sax event handlers that can build DOM documents from well formed content).


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