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*insert exasperated sigh*Yet, dont decide to read or not read this book based on what i think. MERRY CHRISTMASand Happy Reading Xx Absolutely Beautiful, Funny, Sweet, Heart breaking and all over AWESOMENESS!!! If they had figured out in the beginning what it took all this to figure out I would not have gotten so caught up with #Kaylem or #Damla. Overall this book passed my time by and it really had so much potential...

But I swear (although I may have mentioned to boy2 that I didn't multiple times) it is not my fault he bought me an 85,000 dollar car! "And if you didn't catch on yet, I'm also judgmental! Everything for her is normal, routine, your average 17 year life. Plus Its currently a cheap price so READ THIS BOOK FOR YOURSELF and decide what YOU think. I found Shift completely by accident and I am so glad that I did.I really kept coming back for more, but maybe that was just because it was so naughty.... I loved the idea and the spin on "shifter," but the girl... How many times can you say "Shut up" in a book & punch each other? Would have been better if it was not 300 pages too long for the storyline, Damien wasn't creepy and manipulative, Jackson and Kayla's thing made sense, Kayla was not a weak, spineless person half the time, and the main characters spent less time talking, thinking, musing about sex.Anyways the characters had a lot background yet somehow lacked depth. And the thing is, the teaser for the second book looks pretty good. And in one scene she is with her friend and stuff happens and then it is like her friend got hooked of stage left. This is a long book This was so long but the playful banter between kayla & Jackson was really funny and enjoyable.He app Kayla is 17, beautiful, smart, and has one of the best friends a girl could ask for, all that's missing is her dream boyfriend to come and sweep her off her feet. Kayla is suddenly burdened by unexplainable dreams of running through the woods. I am sooooo far above everyone else, it's sad really."Is there anything else you need to know, well besides that I'm a virgin? XOXOIm really pulling for both sides when it comes to rating this.Her reality is unstable and then she meets Jackson, a mysterious and drop dead gorgeous new guy. Well," nose upturned while laughing "you should be! Im a little disapointed in the writing and story structure but the creativity almost made up for that. It was frustrating as I DISLIKED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!! Kayla is presented as intelligent, mature, and well rooted in morals. Real smart -_- Jackson likes you (AND YOU LIKE HIM) but youre going to persue a realationship with his cousin. Every word is "omg you are so hot" "im a virgin but take off your shirt" "but no dont take off your shirt im a virgin". Yes, this beefy meatbar has to have it all upstairs as well! I found Shift completely by accident and I am so glad that I did. Even though the confusing Jackson still stands up for Kayla when she is being bugged by he Absolutely Beautiful, Funny, Sweet, Heart breaking and all over AWESOMENESS!!!


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