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I think that’s why there’s a wide range of messaging that’s happening.

I’m interested in reflecting all of that as an artist.

On this album, she “took advice that was actually given to me a really long time ago about not being too precious about the choices you make.” Bareilles preceded her latest album (which hit stores this week) with a solo tour of clubs and small theaters that sold out instantly.

Fans who couldn’t get in can take some solace in the fact that her ecstatically reviewed stop at L.

It’s something that I felt really connected to this past year.

I was looking at myself from a bird’s eye view, I guess, and how we are connected as our lives unfold.But the rebelliousness that bubbled up in “Love Song” didn’t mean that Bareilles brushed off having the hit when she got one, or that she isn’t striving to be radio-friendly in her own fashion Her just-released new album, , is the first of her long-players to break with her signature piano-based sound in a big way, instead favoring up-to-the-moment beats and stylings, even if the underlying sentiments are no less singer-songwriterly than ever.“I’ve always been very autobiographical in the way that I write, but that can be dressed up a million different ways,” she tells .So collaborating with him on this song, that was the intention behind how the song was conceived.However, like you said, it can speak to a range of meanings and definitions for the listener.A.’s El Rey Theatre was filmed for an upcoming DVD release. I definitely could feel myself being fearful of doing a solo tour.In the meantime, she’s switched out her entire band in anticipation of a co-headlining tour of amphitheaters in September with One Republic, a bill that may emphasize her desire to find an audience that appreciates pure pop craftsmanship as well as personal musings. Given her longstanding love of musical theater, it’s unlikely she’ll ever rise in protest against the show’s producers and compose a song based around the hook “I’m not gonna write you a show-stopping 11 o’clock number.” The Hollywood Reporter: You’ll be co-headlining in a couple of months with One Republic. My insecurities had gotten the best of me in terms of that.While there’s bound to be a bit of audience overlap, is part of the idea to pick up new fans from each other’s followings? We’ve done a handful of shows in the past and gotten along really well, so it’s really enticing when you can end up on a tour with your friends. I don’t think it’s a total no-brainer that our audiences will be super-familiar with each other’s repertoire, but I think there’s a really high likelihood that people will be excited about the other band. Some people had brought that up to me for years, and I always was like, absolutely not, I could never do it.PHOTOS: The Best of Bonnaroo 2013 THR: You just wrapped up your first solo tour. Then over the past year, as I’ve done a lot of personal work on facing my fears and making some pretty big life changes, it came to the forefront that that was going be something that I really needed to address and put my money where my mouth is, especially in terms of a song like “Brave” and that being my messaging that’s out right now. And it was such a transformative experience for me.CONCERT REVIEW: Sara Bareilles, Modern-Day Troubadour, Dazzles in Los Angeles THR: You have breakup songs on this album, like “Manhattan,” “Little Black Dress,” and “1000 Times,” and then you have inspirational songs like “Brave,” “Satellite Call,” and the bonus track “Beautiful Girl.” There seems to be a side of you where you want to directly exhort your audience.How do you balance that impulse with the songs that are sheer autobiography?


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