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What I do speaks for itself.” And why should she care?

What I do speaks for itself.” And why should she care?With chutzpah, charm, determination, a large dose of ambition, and something akin to entrepreneurial genius, she has, over the past nineteen years, created a multimillion-dollar empire all her own—and more important, all on her own.

“I’m not quite sure how all this is going to work out yet,” says Lee.

(Cuomo has joint custody of Michaela, thirteen, and sixteen-year old twins Mariah and Cara.) But back to the plates.

(As she recalls her grandmother’s death twelve years ago, tears begin to stream silently down Lee’s cheeks, and she stops talking until she can go on.) Mentally and physically abused by both her mother and stepfather, who eventually left, she found herself, at twelve, in charge of four younger siblings at home in Sumner, Washington, forced to clean, cook, and shop—sometimes with food stamps—for the entire family.

And with next to no money, how does a child feed six people?

The star of Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee says doctors caught the cancer early.

She has had a lumpectomy and is gearing up for a second surgery.

Food Network star Sandra Lee created an all-white oasis in the kitchen of her Westchester, N.

Y., home, because “our days are so cluttered with stuff we have to do – chores, homework and work – so I try to keep the kitchen as uncluttered as possible.” That is until her boyfriend, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, 55, and his daughters Cara and Mariah, 18, and Michaela, 15, come home for dinner. “Some cook, some clean, some stand in front of the refrigerator and just stare, because they just can’t decide on what they want!

“Well, I figured out that you can make a casserole with a can of soup, thickened with flour and water and topped with a Bisquick crust,” Lee says, smiling. Lee also figured out as a teenager that she had a talent for crafts and decorating, one that has served her well to this day in the themed meals and “tablescapes” she advances.

In one of her books, for example, she suggests concocting a “Romantic Day Picnic” that “will recapture the days of courtly love, when brave knights declared their devotion to ladies fair” by scouring “thrift stores for old books of poetry to use as decor.


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