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However, when change isn't executed properly at the top - you set us all up for failure.

And stop saying "Well we are just so unique and we are jus so new to us we're still figuring it out so thanks for holding on during this wild ride! Your publicized and well-stated strategy to your publicly-traded investor Alaris Royalty is "growth by acquisition".

It has been brought up that leadership need to communicate that direction better which we are focusing on.

Interesting to me but awards have never been a focus.

Everybody brings their experience and skills to the table, and no one office is responsible for any one client or any one task. Over the last six months since the Sandbox acquisition was finalized, our office has lost 1/3 of its employees to layoffs or resignations.

Sandbox corporate refuses to back-fill those positions, and no one from the other offices is integrating into our clients.

I enjoyed the team that I worked with and we had fun events almost weekly. Fun team events, great coffee, feels like an unlimited supply of snacks, and chair massages! It's open, collaborative, and a great location.

We were in a bit of a transition between the two offices merging and having temporary space, but everyone made the most of it. Inconvénients The company reduced the amount of benefits provided by the ad agencies when they merged and founded sandbox.

Inconvénients-It is a company going through a ton of growth, which can be challenging, but also presents a ton of opportunity for forging your individual path within the overall organization.-The company is working through strategy and planning still, but it will get there. During both of my stints, I worked with some very talented team members and clients that I will consider life long friends.

We created great work that was strategically solid and beautiful.


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