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He also returns all of Robbo's belongings, including his birth certificate, passport, driver's licence and credit cards.

Lance advises Robbo to think about returning to AFP before he leaves.

Lance explains that Robbo's real name is Ryan Shaw and that he is a federal agent, whose family were killed when he began investigating corruption in the force.

Robbo went undercover as Beckett Reid and he was sent to Summer Bay to protect Kat Chapman (Pia Miller).

After his grandfather gets sick, Ty's case worker brings him to Summer Bay to stay with John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers.

Ty refuses the food on offer, as he has already eaten, and later goes out on his own for a walk.

One night while having a bonfire with Willow, Dean has a seizure after drinking home brew beer.

He learned from his agent that he had secured the role of Colby on his 27th birthday.

Of joining the cast, Mc Laren commented, "It's very exciting.

It hit home for me when I walked into the Diner and all the characters I've grown up watching were there." After Robbo is brought in to an AFP base, Lance helps him to recall his memories and identity.


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