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The presence of bows and arrows is presumed to indicate a date after A. 500, the generally accepted time period for their appearance in this region.

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They were a very mobile hunting and gathering people who moved in from the Great Basin.Take care so that others may marvel at these fragile and beautiful remains of the past.You will see evidence of vandalism such as bullet impacts, names and dates incised on the rock surface, remains of latex molds and chalk marks.They used the bow and arrow, made baskets and brownware pottery, and lived in brush wickiups and tipis.The Notah (Ute people) lived freely throughout western Colorado and eastern Utah until about 1880, when they were forced onto reservations.Da blir vi veldig glade om du bruker 1 minutt til å vurdere oss på Trustpilot!Alle som gir en vurdering er med i trekningen av en gratis kortholder fra Secrid (verdi 599 kr).Both cultures had a complex social structure, and were highly adaptive to the extremes of the environment.The Anasazi and Fremont are classified by scientists as “Formative” cultures.The Fremont, who were contemporary with the Anasazi people, also grew corn, and were apparently more dependent on hunting and gathering wild resources than were the Anasazi.Their territory was mainly north of the Colorado River, but overlapped with the Anasazi at Moab.


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