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I mean, that would be kinda cool, but there’s nothing wrong with dinner. That was probably one of the best dates I’ve ever been on. #10 Don’t make her tell you something “interesting about herself.” If this is how you get the conversation going on your dates, no wonder you have a hard time dating. If you want to find something out, start sharing a story about yourself and wait for her to share a story.[Read: How to create sparks when starting a conversation with a girl] #11 Be confident. Women like men who walk into a room with confidence and the same goes for you guys.

[Read: The 10 biggest dating turn offs for women] #3 Don’t ask question. Plus, it also suggests that there’s something wrong with her.

In her research, Massa found that millennial men are still figuring out their futures, careers, and identity, and many don't want to make a move on their potential girlfriend until they have those things figured out. So, if he's good about keeping in touch and not treating you like a hook-up, keep this guy on the short list.

You can tell he's into you if he doesn't hit on your friends and always treats you with respect. He may just need one more promotion before he gets the guts to go for you.

Remember that he's already your friend, so there's a whole lot that he likes about you, Massa says. That means no crazy makeup or boob shirts when he's used to seeing you casual.

Go for subtly sexy instead..then rachet it up after a few dates.


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