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After my book came out, about ten or so Icelandic girls emailed me to say they agreed with what I said.

I tried to develop a long-distance romance with these girls so that I could have sex with them in the future, but no romance developed and I have not fornicated with an Icelandic girl since 2011.

I was told that if I were to return to Iceland, my skull would be smashed and my testicles ripped out from my body, but that was three years ago so I think it’s safe to return again as long as I wear a disguise. Many American guys who bought it did go on to have success in Iceland with my advice, especially my tip to wait until the very end of the night to make your move on a girl.

There is no point in trying to talk to an Icelandic girl early in the night before she has reached her maximum intoxication level.

He is regularly criticized for the blatant misogyny he promotes in his writings, among other things constantly referring to women as “sluts” and “whores” if they have had more than a couple of lovers while offering his male followers articles such as “How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend Without Getting Caught.” While some of Roosh’s observations of Reykjavík nightlife and dating culture in ‘Bang Iceland,’ seem accurate, the overall viewpoint he espouses is detestable and sad.

In the spirit of this issue, we reached out to Roosh and shot him some questions.Roosh V has been spotlighted in many American publications as well, and has received reviews from the Huffington Post.He offers personalized instruction through his website and tries to answer as many emails as he can.Do you think Icelanders are a nation ripe for the picking for pickup artists? I found a sex culture fuelled almost entirely by alcohol, where people need to drink obscene amounts of liquor just to have intimacy.I’m not complaining, because my penis did benefit from this system, but it did seem weird to me that people had to detach themselves from their humanity with alcohol just to physically connect with another person.Age: 33 Affiliation: Independent Website: // Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Roosh V. When he started his career in the field of science, he used his time on the job wisely to begin a blog called DC Bachelor and a PUA was born.What started off as random thoughts entered on his various dating experiences turned into a lifestyle that involved teaching men about approaching the feminine side of life.The book purports to offer “sex tourists” advice on how they may bed as many attractive locals as possible through tricks and guile (or as he calls it, improving their “game”).Roosh is a self-described “anti-feminist,” and in his writings argues for and justifies men’s dominant position over women through a post-hoc Darwinistic view of biological and social evolution, in which men have a “very pressing urge for fornication.” As someone who claims he turned his sex life around by learning good “game,” Roosh offers pickup artists advice on a regular basis online.Since branding the Bang series and program, Roosh V and his success has been broadcasted on many European media outlets for his work with his travel guides.Bang Iceland has received considerable success, and he expects his other guides, such as Don’t Bang Denmark, to do just as well.


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