Romantic comedy about online dating

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The entire time Rae is going out on these dates, she's fantasizing about Nick.

He's the hot substitute teacher that she very much can't be with.

The business plan behind CBS Films is simple: midsize projects with good-size headliners, such as Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser of the inaugural CBS Films effort "Extraordinary Measures," or Jennifer Lopez, who co-stars with Aussie hunk Alex O'Loughlin, in the romantic comedy "The Back-up Plan." It's a sound strategy. Ideas have a funny way of bubbling to the surface of pop culture.

If the theatrical arm of CBS ever green-lights a script worth a damn, it just might work. When you encounter a movie titled "Love & Air Sex" (this week at Facets) the obvious question is what is air sex? You think something's unique, only to find that somebody else has been working on a similar idea.

He's caring, sweet, attentive, funny, and selfless, and every scene he's in will bring a smile to your face.

Rae's best friends are well-meaning but not perfect."It started in Japan," said director Bryan Poyser, who comes to town for post-show Q&A's Friday and Saturday. Not that many years ago, two separate films about Truman Capote were released within a year of each other. Or just look at the current TV season, which includes a pair of competing series based on fairy tale lore. "Lonely Japanese businessmen would get up in bars and do this" - "this" being air guitar's pervier cousin: fully clothed erotic mime. Rae, who is in her 30s, says at one point that she's "old enough to call [men] on their shit. Ricki Schultz's writing style is perfect for quippy stream-of-conciousness inner monologues — and the working of Rae's mind are fascinating and hilarious.While she's never cold or rude to her dates, she's definitely not a pushover and she doesn't let anyone treat her badly. You'll laugh out loud as you follow Rae on her adventures through online dating.Still, the bond between these three is strong enough to handle anything.Rae's humor isn't the only part about her that's relatable.Even though she's "exhausted" by the dating process (aren't we all? The story, naturally, will revolve around people who go on catastrophic Tinder dates, but eventually find love. But Tinder’s mainstream popularity means that it’s already found its way into plenty of storylines in film and TV, not to mention parodies on shows like ? Sean Rad) dropping out of college to pursue digital dreams, serious leadership shakeups, and a lawsuit that came to symbolize the ugliness of bro-dominated start-up culture—plus the fact that we’re talking about a saucy app designed specifically for dating and hookups. She's super smart, often underestimated by the guys she goes out with, and has as much emotional baggage as anyone who's ever had a broken heart.Despite all of this, she doesn't allow herself to settle.


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