Risks of sedating

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It is important that your child does When you arrive at the hospital, you should report to the MRI department.Some scans need additional preparation – details about whether your child needs any additional preparation is in your appointment letter.A nurse will stay with your child throughout the scan.

We may give your child some medicine during the MRI scan to make the image clearer.

The radiographer will tell you which medicines your child has had in case of later side effects.

We will put some local anaesthetic cream on your child’s skin to numb it, just in case intravenous sedation or a contrast injection is needed. Your child will need to lie on the bed for the scan.

Depending on the part of their body being scanned, they may need to have a coil over part of their body or wear a head coil (this will not touch their head).

If you would like further advice about preparing your child for the scan, please ring the department’s play specialist on the numbers below.

We assess all children to see if they might benefit from sedation.The medicines we use most often at GOSH include: There are no risks associated with MRI scans.They are painless and generally quick with no lasting effects.Your appointment time is 30 minutes before the scan is scheduled.We need this time to prepare you and your child, for instance, completing the metal check described below and to apply some local anaesthetic cream in case your child needs an injection.You will be able to stay with your child if you wish.When your child is in the correct position, the radiographer will move the bed inside the scanner and then go into the control room.If you are unable to keep this appointment, please inform the department as soon as possible beforehand.Sometimes, we can offer the appointment to another child on the waiting list.Your appointment letter will state whether your child is having sedation so you can follow the instructions below to prepare them.Your child may need this scan so that their doctors can get detailed pictures of the size and shape of part of your child’s body.


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