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They moved to a larger house with a swimming pool, but Rick was rarely at home.‘Most nights he was out in town.’ There is no anger when Marietta says this, just a palpable sadness and you sense how much she suffered in her marriage.

Richard was born two months prematurely on October 18, 1974.

Yet, as we can reveal today, it was Marietta whom Rick called days before his death on Christmas Eve.‘We chatted for almost two hours about God and the world, including the songs both of us wanted to be played at our funerals. Rick just laughed and said that it didn’t mean anything.

His standard lines were “Trust me” or “I’ve got it under control,” ’ she rolls her eyes in a sort of how-could-I-have-been-so-naive way.‘The thing with love is that it doesn’t just die from one day to the next.

” You’re lost in your thoughts.‘The other two ladies [his second wife Patty Beedon and widow Lyndsay Parfitt] were kissing and hugging the coffin. I just laid my hand on the coffin and said quietly: “I wish it could have all been different.”‘Everyone deals with grief in their own way, and who am I to judge?

I’d had nothing much to do with Rick’s other wives before, but during the service Patty sat next to me and was immediately stroking my arm and hugging me as if we’d been best friends for years.

He looked as if he’d come straight off the top of the Christmas tree.‘I remember Mummy saying to him: “Well, I always wanted a boy — now I’ve got one and he still looks like a girl.”‘It was two worlds totally colliding.

I think for Rick the attraction was that I wasn’t just another groupie who would sleep with him immediately.

Weighing only 2lb, he was in an incubator for six weeks.

Within two days of his birth, Rick went on tour to Australia.


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