Regex for validating url

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So, I recommend to use the regular expression provided at the beginning of the post. When pass " =~ URI::regexp("http") it will returns 0 indicating the URL to be valid.

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An online events booking system I developed doesn’t allow HTML in the event description field, primarily to protect against annoying scripting attacks.

But what if you want to provide a link in the description?

Therefore I tried to find some tests about how browsers handle validation of input type=”url” in combination with required, and as I couldn’t find one I made some by myself, which can be found here..

All tested browsers won’t validate “url”, “” and “de”, but all the other tested values, strangely also “url:”.

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer at Google, co-chair of the W3C Web Performance working group, and author of High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly) book — follow on Twitter, Google .

What every web developer needs to know about the various types of networks (Wi Fi, 3G/4G), transport protocols (UDP, TCP, and TLS), application protocols (HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2), and APIs available in the browser (XHR & Fetch, Web Socket, Web RTC, and more) to deliver the best—fast, reliable, and resilient—user experience.Fortunately we can quite easily fix the wrong browser behaviour by adding a pattern attribute. All in all it’s really annoying that we, as developers, have to fix, in my opinion “wrong” browser behaviour.I am sure there may be a better Regex, but mine is “^(https? Thankfully, it’s easy to change the behaviour and I really encourage everybody to add the pattern part to avoid frustration for your users. I'd like to set a field called "validation" to "good" or "bad" depending on whether the URL is still working. I'd like to create script steps which tests if the URLs are still valid.Next: Write a Java Script function to check whether a given value is alpha numeric or not.domain with or without wwwperformet proxymatch regexts regex Regexuuid Selector CSS IDzipcodecheck-1 OR 1=1get id mov Smithfecha de dos digitos con separador match date in the format yyyy-(m)m-(d)dexpressao Social Security with O's and Spaces PFG - Partner API CY VRNs Volvocars minus analyticsextract photobucket Match 3-leading lowercase lettersdoesn't work?I need to detect plain text URLs stored in the database, and turn them into hyperlinks when displayed in the browser.The regular expression above allows me to do that quite easily in PHP: But the regular expression has several submatches. Text, " == false)Regex Rgx Url = new Regex("(([a-z A-Z][0-9a-z A-Z \-\.]*:)? with urls as ( select ' u from dual union all select ' u from dual union all select 'https:// u from dual union all select 'https:// u from dual union all select 'https:// u from dual union all select 'not an URL' u from dual union all select ' u from dual ) select * from urls where regexp_like(u, '^(http(s)*://)*[a-z0-9.-] $'); U --------------------------- this is basic. Checking that a string is a valid URL is complicated: Unless there's a pressing need to ensure that these are real URLs, writing a regular expression is probably more hassle than it's worth.


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