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Every year, when it comes time to think about phone plans, Michelle, the mother of 14-year-old Jonah, can’t bring herself to cancel her landline.

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“People have a harder time interpreting meaning when they are shown the written word.”The language teenagers use while texting significantly differs from spoken language.

“If you are communicating via text, it’s like shorthand verse,” explains Alex J Packer, Ph. “It has its own specialized language and even spelling.”Phone calls follow a general format—introductions, content, conclusion—but texts have no real structure.

“It’s sort of an eternal conversation,” says Senning.

Overreliance on texting can leave teens fumbling when they need to physically ask someone, like a teacher or a car mechanic, for help in real life.

Telling them all about your first breakups and other similar experiences will not necessarily help them feel better.

“Teenagers have this sort of natural belief that the world revolves around them,” says Dr.

To top it off, Tracy’s whole family—and especially Laura—adored Dan.

So, when Tracy called Laura in hysterics from college, saying that Dan had broken up with her, Laura ached for her daughter—and also felt a bit betrayed herself.“I was sick to my stomach,” Laura says.

It took a while—and a number of bad dates—but Tracy is now happily dating someone else. “I remember calling Tracy, about six months after the breakup and saying, ‘I’m officially over this,’” Laura recalls.

“Tracy said, ‘Well, that’s great for you, Mom,’ but she laughed.” In that moment, Laura knew both of them would be OK.


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