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She says she gets friend requests from men who claim to be in the military.This one guy said he was a four-star general and a medical doctor, but his pictures were odd.” Hang in there, and in only nine short years you could inherit that geezer’s stunning beach house on the Cape!

And with past platforms, he observed the practice of married men pretending to be single. Now Facebook, a longtime partner, will become a competitor.

PISKORSKI: This is not something that I sort of dreamed up or I said, oh, this is sort of like possibilities. SHAHANI: Arum Kang is co-CEO of a popular dating app on Facebook. But Kang has a prediction that Facebook's dating app will suffer from being too easy to use.

Send a Real Message No one wants an inbox full of the same two-word messages. Your opening lines need to be eye-catching and confident. Be Patient Patience is always a virtue, but with online dating it’s a necessity. When sitting down to dinner with someone, you may want to barrel ahead to questions like “Was your profile picture taken fifty years ago?

” Or “What do you mean, your butler is pulling the yacht around? Don’t blurt out, “Do you need that oxygen to survive?

People will really appropriate this service in any way they like.

SHAHANI: Misiek Piskorski, a professor at IMD Business School, has studied social networks for 15 years.And he emphasized, it is for meaningful relationships but that is a hard standard to meet on a site that's full of people with very different intentions from love, to adultery, to annoying come-ons. AARTI SHAHANI, BYLINE: Fifteen years ago, Joe Miller of Oak Ridge, Tenn., met a nice lady at his book club. MILLER: It was unclear if we old friends getting together for dinner or if this was a date. And today, a year and a half later, they're a couple.MILLER: I've never got a real interest in anybody else. She's pretty much I think anything a person could want to run into. Then there's the experience of Tiffany Keith in Houston, Texas.ARUM KANG: A product that's probably more of a low commitment, easy for the, you know, the majority of the users to access.I think naturally it will be more of a casual interaction than anything else. SHAHANI: That said, Kang expects Facebook to take advantage of the depth of its user data to give its own dating product a leg up against others. A lot rides on your username—more than you may think. If you have a boring name, like Herbert, you probably died alone during the Great Depression. However, drinking wine and painting a mug on a bad second date does not qualify you to be a painter of dating profiles.Be Honest About What You Want When you expect other people to read your mind, it often leads to disappointment.If you’re on Ok Cupid because you’re in search of something serious, let people know.If you’re on Tinder for casual sex, be honest (but not entitled), because others may have different intentions.If you’re on e Harmony for some milk-fetish stuff, you probably need to start getting honest with yourself. Your message needs to be a sexy cannon shot across your prospective mate’s bow that roars, “Ahoy, Fitnfun237_,_ I’ve sailed the seven seas of your profile; ” No matter what, your message should be pirate-themed.


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