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Sergeant Brian Weir was at the scene of Houston's death and heard one of his co-workers, Det Sgt Nutall allegedly make some rather untoward comments regarding the star's naked cadaver."Nutall, for no legitimate [reason] knelt beside and leaned over the decedent [and] removed the sheet and/or other covering from the body of the decedent to an area below the pubic region of the decedent's body," says Weir's complaint, filed in Los Angeles on the 11 September.Weir also claims that he heard Nutall remark; "Damn, she's still looking good, huh? Representatives from the county police have denied that there was any misconduct at the scene of Whitney's death, and have also refuted the widely reported news that Weir had suffered any retaliatory harassment or had been punished for his claims."It is appropriate for a responding detective sergeant to briefly examine the body upon arriving to a scene like that.Stacy brings it up, saying she was shocked when she saw Ray J in the house. I have questions for you." "I have questions for you I just wanna ask you." Ray J said: "The last time I see you you came to my house. And that's why we're here at this time together." Taking a drag on his cigarette, Ray J said: "It's something that nobody can explain in this life. In scenes shown on Wednesday night's show, Stacy, 47, spoke openly about the violent run-in between her and the Bodyguard star just days before her death.

The How Will I Know singer died two days later on February 11, and was found dead in the bath of her hotel room in Beverly Hills, California.

The official coroner’s report said the star had accidentally drowned, with contributing factors including heart disease and cocaine use.

Incensed, Ray tried to storm the room but was held back by sentinel officers.

After more laughter, Ray tried again to gain entry to the suite but was repeatedly denied entry and eventually removed from the floor.

As police officials and paramedics rushed into the hotel to examine the scene, Ray J waited outside the room.

From his spot outside the suite, Ray J reportedly heard a "disrespectful comment" made followed by raucous laughter, according to TMZ.

The source told the site: “[She] began screaming ‘This is my man! Ray J, who at the time denied being back with Whitney, attempted to diffuse the situation, claiming that he was family friends with his new Celebrity Big Brother co-star, but with no luck.

Whitney was later spotted leaving the club with blood running down her leg.

'Her glasses were broken but she read by holding the little single lens,' she says.

Whitney Houston and Ray J sure seemed very couple-y outside a restaurant in West Hollywood last night -- because when it came time leave, Ray J was the PERFECT gentleman. They were last rumored to be together back in 2010.


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