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The Rambler was written primarily for the newfound, rising middle-class of the 18th century, who sought social fluency within aristocratic social circles.

As was then common for the type of publication, the subject matter was confined only to the imagination of the author (and the sale of the publication); typically, however, The Rambler discussed subjects such as morality, literature, society, politics, and religion.

There were many however who religiously read and appreciated the publication.

One contemporary author thought so highly of The Rambler to say, "May the publick favours crown his merits, and may not the English, under the auspicious reign of George the Second, neglect a man, who, had he lived in the first century, would have been one of the greatest favourites of Augustus." The Rambler was widely respected for the quality and power of the writing and the masterful use of language and rhetoric.

This desire to "join both profit and delight" streams throughout the publications, and is particularly resonant of Classical literary design.

The majority of the subject matter in The Rambler focused more on moral than social issues.


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