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Song Hye Ko, I absolutely loved you in "Descendants of the Sun". Your honestly very charismatic, beautiful, and kind-hearted. Unnie, please come back drama, but don't take a nuna-dongsaeng couple again T_T. I adore you, not just because you're pretty face, but also because your great acting. I hope your next project will be in Rom-Com drama with Jo Jung Suk or So Ji Sub. Most other Asian actors are vying for roles within what made them first popular, like rom-coms or dramas and stick to more works that promotes their celebrity status within that "safe zone" of their own respective local native country.

Hyun Bin's being away for the filming of Friend, Our Legend in Busan reportedly made the two realize they were in love.

On March 8, 2011, both Hyun and Song's talent agencies confirmed that they have broken up in early 2011.

I hope to see you in another project, maybe a new movie perhaps. One of the most beautiful woman that i've ever seen, when i first saw her i like her in the instant, shes a good actress and very pretty. The next Song Hye Kyo probably hasn't been born yet! I also would really love to see you personally, certainly I hope in the near future. By her many interviews, she seem to indicate her priority in her twenty-thirty life right now is between her mom and her taking on challenging roles that as varied and different as the colors of the rainbow or between low and high notes in music. Whoever SHK's love interest in a movie or TV screen, I am okay with that. I've watched Bi RAIN's Ninja Assassin before I discovered FULL HOUSE. I hope SHK finds a long-lasting relationship with a man who will love, care and respect her.

i love her more when she starred descendants of the sun with song joong ki. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to see her in person. Who would have time in an artist's shoes as hers to find someone that's willing to put up with her international travels and crazy schedule demands and settled to get a few minutes or hrs in a month crumbs of her time for romance?? I am not familiar with Korean celebrities except of course RAIN and recently Jo In Sung and Hyun Bin who I just discovered more recently. I will support her sons and daughters too, Because I am a man who love everthing that be Song Hye Kyo (not just her face but love her mother and like her dramas too). Just need to give each other quality time to make it work this time.

Song Hye Kyo has been considered Korea's most beautiful woman. ....'descendants of sun'.....which has gotten all d fanz of korean drama so crazy!! ....definetly going to b bestest drama of all time....from INDIA Since the day i saw your drama 'that winter the wind blows' i become a great fan of you and your country.....are the cutest actress for me...so obsessed about your dramas and movies that all my friends now calls me korean..was a university student studying spanish but i've changed my coursework from spanish to korean.....i wish i could meet you in real life......bless you with a lot of success and happiness :-) I am an American male and have started watching Korean drama's. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in TV and the big screen! So uncool that the site allows duplicates entries, so please accept my apology fellow readers, and administrator of asianwiki...

In 2010 she was ranked #18 in The Annual Independent Critics List[1] of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces. Please have kids soon for you will waste such beauty if you will not pass it to your kids.. Even though I do not understand Korean..the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows... Please delete this post and one of my other previous post that's doubled-up from a "505 error msg" when posting.

I miss your beautiful face and your great acting skill. You're so beautiful, elegant and flawless : D I wish to see you be paired with yoo ah in, so ji sub or kang dong won (again) in drama/movie. Unnie You are a most beautiful woman in the world and we love you so much from Myanmar. I really like your act in 'that winter the wind blows' and most of all, my most favourite drama ever 'DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN'!!!! But mostly she knew that acting industry in Korea is still young and still growing, so the choices of roles for asian actors within their own country is few and far in between, as far as 'quality' projects available goes.

I want to see you in person and I trust this dream will come true☺️ We are KYOnatics MMFans . I love you so much My sister was really like your drama like descendants of the sun and my sister always asking to me if song joong ki and you have a relationship together and she asking to me if can you go here in the philippines to have a consert here PLEASE just for my sister that really fanatic with you PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire your personality and I am a big fan of yours. Tho the drama has ended, I still can't stop myself from admiring it... She was so well received, along with Rain(Bi), in "FH"( after "AIMH") all over Asia from 2004 that she used that "international fan interests" on her to later try "Hwang Jin-Yi", which she won over other famous asian actresses to play.

SEE ALSO: Song Joong Ki makes an appearance at his friend's wedding Song Hye Kyo said, "I am thankful.

Most actors that are my age seem to be working with younger actors now.


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