Radiometric dating idiots

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ARGUMENT FROM INSECURITY (1) We have gone to absolutely berserk lengths to establish that atheists are laughable morons. ARGUMENT FROM SUPERIORITY (1) If God does not exist, then I am an inferior being, since I am not "special" in a cosmic sense. (2) Atheists say that there are no absolute moral standards. ARGUMENT FROM HIDDEN LOGIC (I) (1) Intellectually, I know that the existence of God is impossible, or vastly improbable. ARGUMENT FROM HIDDEN LOGIC (II) (1) Atheists say that God doesn't exist. ARGUMENT FROM INDULGENCE (1) Atheists like to think that they can control their emotional desires. (3) Therefore, atheists feel the need to indulge in whatever they feel like without worrying about committing sin. ARGUMENT FROM EXHAUSTION (abridged) (1) Do you agree with the utterly trivial proposition X? (3) How about the slightly modified proposition X'? (3) Atheist also gives examples of martyrs outside Christendom. (2) Atheist offers several possible, natural explanations.

BILL O'REILLY'S ARGUMENT (I) (1) Atheism is challenging this country's Christian roots! (3) We will make a big stink about this, and not let atheists win! (2) I mean it's so horrible, pointless, brutal and nasty.

ARGUMENT FROM EXISTENTIAL LONELINESS (1) This can't be all there is to existence.

ARGUMENT FROM DEAD FIREFIGHTERS (1) All those dead firefighters were blessed by a Catholic priest before they gave their lives.

ARGUMENT FROM FALWELL (1) Jerry Falwell said some really stupid things after September 11th.


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