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Repeating that sometime later might work, tho sometimes not for all accounts.I even had one institution where not only would Reset Account not work, but I could not Deactivate it, and then could not reactivate other accounts at that institution that had been deactivated. Anyhow I agreed with someone's suggestion that perhaps the new company owning Quicken was more likely to be supporting their new product -- the 2017 version -- and was just asking if that were the case.Anyhow my question ("Anyone have any experience with Quicken 2017 to see if it's fixed some/all of these #@$%ing update problems?

Several issues could be causing your Quicken finance software to fail at downloading transactions, from issues with account settings to server maintenance at your financial institution.

The following common issues and suggestions can help resolve these issues when Quicken isn't updating your transactions correctly.

This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure you have a working connection to the internet.

Visit a website you go to often (a search website such as Google or Bing will work).

Ever since upgrading to Quicken 2016 for Windows earlier this year, I have had problems with One Step Updating with the accounts for one of my banks.

All other banks and institutions update as expected.To help other users who may be having a similar problem, please update this thread with your results.If the information provided helped to resolve the problem, please select the blue "Helpful" button at the top of the post, if this response was helpful and resolved the issue.Often, banks and online brokerages will post a notice on their website or send out an email alert to customers if they will be performing any maintenance that will impact your access to your data.Check the bank website for notices, and check your email for a message from your financial institution regarding planned outages, maintenance or scheduled downtime.I have all the newest versions updated in my software and as I stated earlier, this is not a problem with all my other banks and institutions. I already reported on having troubles with Wells Fargo, and yes I'm using Direct Connect.Any help/advice someone could lend would be greatly appreciated. I've had the same exact problem since upgrading to 2016. And also I'm having trouble with State Dept Federal Credit Union, and occasionally others, e.g. You didn't mention ANY of those financial institutions in this thread.Then, I immediately set it up again and after it goes through all the gyrations, it finally shows new transactions, etc. It's unfortunate that users have to attempt these convoluted steps to try to fix something that is a Quicken problem. I can see my citibank account in the account list, but don't know how to set it up for One Step Update.This has turned into a royal pain in the ass, since the time it takes to do this whole deactivate/reactivate thing is at least 5 minutes. I clicked on the Edit button, but don't see any online tab.And I regularly download data for numerous accounts at 7 different institutions and have been doing such for many years.With the 2016 version, One step update for all would often just sit for a while and do nothing.


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