Questionnaires selecting translating and validating

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Participants completed and returned the study questionnaire by dropping it in the hospital internal mail box.

Data were collected during the period of June 2014 and December 2014.

Responses to this question yielded 108 items, which were then tested by another group of psychiatric nurses to refine the list exclusively to coping strategies; other items found irrelevant or insignificant during the second study were eliminated.

There were 50 items which remained from the second study.

The researchers then sent the Arabic version of the PNMCQ to a specialist in Arabic language to ensure readability and structuring of all items, and then Arabic version was ready for use.

Data analyses were analyzed using IBM SPSS version 21.These items were also tested on 76 nurses and the number was reduced to 35 items using psychometric analysis [ A descriptive, cross-section design was used on a non-probability convenience sample.The participants were psychiatric nurses working in three public hospitals in Jordan.Further, the development and maintenance of therapeutic and collaborative interdisciplinary relationships with healthcare team members in an environment that is often resource poor, also contributes to stress [].Of concern to psychiatric nurses is the growing burden related to administrative and organizational issues, increasing amounts of documentation particularly related to risk assessment, lack of consultation over work-related changes [], and inadequate staffing.However, based on a thorough review of the literature, the researchers were unable to locate any developed or validated tools in Arabic that could be used for measuring coping skills among psychiatric nurses.Therefore, this study aimed to address the lack of validated symptom measures to assess the issue in Arabic countries by translating the Psychiatric Nurses Methods of Coping Questionnaire (PNMCQ) into Arabic.The agreed-upon revised version was sent to two Arabic speaking researchers for back-translation.The final version of the questionnaire was sent to a native English speaker to confirm the face validity of the back-translated items.Sample characteristics and response on the PNMCQ were analyzed using measures of central tendency, including the means and standard deviation.The normal distribution of the questionnaire mean scores was tested using Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit statistic [].


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