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The wool and cloth industry was booming, again using Bury market for distribution nationally and internationally. The local gentry were happy to be involved in town affairs.In Lavenham, Ipswich, Hadleigh and Bergholt, the independent weavers were restless.

The wool and cloth industry was booming, again using Bury market for distribution nationally and internationally. The local gentry were happy to be involved in town affairs.

This Greek translation was in use at the time of Jesus.

Freemasonry and the Bible is, for Christian Freemasons, the foundation of its Masonic precepts, just as the Vedas, the , Qur'an, the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Scriptures of other religions are the foundation of their Masonic precepts.

The word of the monarch now held sway in the Liberty, but the area continued to hold itself somewhat separate from the rest of Suffolk.

This situation continued up until about 1970, and the hereditary Stewardship of the Liberty also continued until that time, although its importance was purely nominal by then.

The Sheriff had never had a direct control over the area of the Liberty.

Instead, there had been a Steward of the Liberty, at least since the days of William the Conqueror.

Unlike many other towns in England at this time, Bury was growing and prospering.

It did this largely independently of the Abbey's decline and eventual closure.

No original manuscripts are known to exist..copies of copies and via the many translations, many errors have invariably crept in. Masonic Altar: The Masonic altar holds a Holy Book (or several Holy Books, depending upon the personal religions of its members).

It is around this Holy book that Freemasons circumambulate in their attempts to perform acts pleasing to the Creator.


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