Pull and push strategy in dating

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Nevertheless, to avoid offending her you must always make sure that you keep things between you and her fun and relaxed.By the way, do you want to learn more about how to fearlessly approach women, exactly what to say to start a conversation and begin attracting women [ you desire?

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Express intent, then use it as an excuse to disqualify her, yourself, or the idea of the two of you being together.

And here’s what I really want to emphasize about Push & Pull: It’s not just a duality, it can actually be effectively used as a progression. The thing about pushing is, a lot of guys think that the pushing itself is what makes girls attracted. You begin pulling, but you push yourself or her away.

The desired response is, of course, that she responds by further qualifying. Once she’s invested on this level and qualified, you can move into pure pull. You can maintain playful or serious Push & Pull flirting if you feel an absolute need to be verbal during the pull phase. Push (be a challenge, bait her to disagree)– Pull (reward with sexual physicality). If you guys want to hone your game and use Push & Pull to the maximum and attract women, then have a look at my Rising Star book.

Don’t do it earlier, because it won’t work too well before you’ve gotten her invested in you. So, I recommend you don’t even bother to pull verbally, trust in your physicality to communicate that for you.

You, on the other hand, even if you do not have the looks but you know how the techniques then there is a big chance that she will be attracted to you.

Since there are various strategies on how to generate attraction, let me focus on popular method called the push and pull.

Therefore, even if she prefers tall, dark, and handsome men it does not necessarily mean that when she meets him she will immediately feel attraction.

Even if he is tall, dark, and handsome if he is needy and lacks confidence then no attraction will take place.

Push- en pull- strategie is de manier waarop middels distributie een product door een distributiekanaal naar de eindklant wordt gestuurd.

Marketingactiviteiten worden - afhankelijk hiervan - ingericht en er zijn twee hoofdgroepen.


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