Ps3 reboots when updating games

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Make sure to reboot after selecting one, I also unplug/switch off at the back out of habit. I'm on Kmeaw, I got an original disc inside all the time (GTA4 if it matters) and I don't think the laser is worn out since I got the PS3 in may this year (to replace a dead fatty) and I only used it to make backups of my own games actually (and not that much gaming, 1-2 hours a day or so).It’s just not worth risking your console locking up.I updated Multi Man 2 days ago (to , downloaded the full pack, removed the old version, installed the new one and the bdemu thing) and didn't play anything untill tonight when I noticed that some of my games don't work (stuck at loading or a blank screen, both from internal and external hdd). I normally update over the old version to keep settings etc. If happens twice, it's unlikely that it might be related to bad downloads or accidental installation errors.I just restored my whole ps3 and all hoping that would fix it but no god damn luck, So... i can not get a single day hosting without 1 or more crashes requiring a restart. Is it my ps3 or is Mojang just getting sloppy on there work? Tried to re-downloading and redoing the whole operation?Anyway, pretty much everything is the same like it was a few days ago when everything worked like a charm except I removed the old version of Multi Man that I had and installed the new one, that's the only difference.I decided to leave it for about 10 minutes and it's just stuck so I try to exit to XMB and when I do, it stays at "please wait" for a few seconds and then I get the 3 beeps and the PS3 reboots.After it's done, I get a "corrupted data" icon in the XMB game menu.I get a blackscreen and also stuck at the ribbon when the system first starts up... This is apparently happening to people who have a 750GB Hard Drive in their System or a 1TB.(People who have upgraded their hard drive through their own means) I have a 1TB hard drive in mine.


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