Pros consolidating schools

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With the promise of broader curriculum and huge tax savings, the state has closed more than 300 schools, one in every five, since 1990.

In 2002, the Charleston Gazette investigated the outcomes of the state's consolidation efforts in the series, "Closing Costs." Read online Get PDF File Alternative Ways to Achieve Cost-Effective Schools There are legitimate concerns about the administrative costs of running small school districts.

Each year hundreds of communities face the closure of their local school or the loss of their local school district-and the school governance positions associated with the district.

State policies promoting consolidation have existed for most of the 20th and now 21st centuries.

Lee Denney's bill where smaller districts will be consolidated with independent districts near them.

According to the representative, she wanted to cut costs and to allow districts to offer a variety of subjects, to better prepare students for college education, exposing them to a much wider curriculum offered by larger schools.

Read online Get PDF File Distance Learning Technologies: Giving Small Schools Big Capabilities In school and district consolidation, the well-documented benefits of small schools to students and their communities are lost. Other alternatives, such as distance learning, are both possible and preferable. Read online Get PDF File The Fiscal Impacts of School Consolidation: Research Based Conclusions Consolidation proponents often argue that consolidating schools and/or districts will lower per pupil costs.

Distance learning can provide students access to a virtually unlimited curriculum while retaining the benefits of small, local schools. But a stream of studies over half a century casts doubts on this assumption.

School district consolidation has been looked upon as the solution to declining enrollment and inadequate government financial support in many fragmented school districts spread throughout the U. However, like with any proposition, there are always two sides of the coin—the upside and the downside.

It is, therefore, a must to take a step back and look at school district consolidation pros and cons so as to make an informed decision whether to support this move by state representatives.


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