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How to find your perfect work match For this event, Mc Laughlin and Mence expect around 20 art directors in the advertising industry to come along and hear a talk on job share and what it means as well as the actual ‘dating’ -- five minutes with prospective job sharers.

Mc Laughlin says the first step to finding a work soulmate is simple -- you have to have similar skills and actually like each other.

“One of the main things is complementary skills, not identical skills because one of the biggest selling points for job sharing is that the employer is getting two for one,” she said.

“So you want to be offering them two different skillsets that work together.

Australia is leading the charge for flexible working roles globally, and are actively seeking out non-traditional roles, whether they be part time, job-sharing, working from home.

The Gemini3 white paper found Australians are ready to embrace the new era of flexible work with 75 percent of Australians are interested in job sharing.

In fact, there is a huge appetite for flexible work from men, students and soon-to-be retirees.

“There is all these other applications for job sharing, it’s not just about a mum needing to go back to work,” she said.

Job-sharing startup founders Simone Mc Laughlin, CEO of Jobs Shared and Rachel Mence, CEO of Share My Job both operate online matching platforms to help people find others to share a full time role, and thought it was high time to get people in the real world talking.

Mc Laughlin is a former ad executive and, although she works across many industries with Jobs Shared, she identified the ad industry as desperately needing a kick-along to make it more job-share friendly.


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