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Carolina Panther Cam Newton is going to be a father for the third time.

His long-time girlfriend, Kia Proctor, made the revelation Tuesday on Instagram by posting a shot of her well-developed baby bump. She captioned the photo “Big mama.” Newton, who hasn’t yet commented on social media, already has two children with Proctor.

Small amounts of fine ash from these explosions fell over a wide area as far north as North Hilo (Hakalau), in lower Puna, and as far south as Waiohinu."(Ashfall) is not in itself a life-threatening phenomenon.

It's an irritant, a nuisance, especially if it goes on for many weeks," said Tina Neal, HVO scientist-in-charge.

Residents who live around the Kilauea summit should beware of the risk of ashfall, stay informed of the status of the volcano and area closures and review family and business emergency plans.

The primary hazards of concern should this activity occur are ballistic projectiles and ashfall.Once the lava level reaches the groundwater elevation, onset of continuous ashy plumes or a sequence of violent steam-driven explosions may be the first sign that activity of concern has commenced.Scientists say there's no telling how large the explosions could be, or how long such explosive activity could continue, or even if explosive activity will occur.Minor ashfall could occur over much wider areas, even up to several tens of miles from Halemaumau.In 1924, ash may have reached as high as 20,000 feet above sea level."I've been in many of them in Alaska and what I recall being the most difficult part is keeping it out of your eyes, so wearing goggles if you have to go out, and be particularly careful if you wear contacts, because if ash gets behind the contacts, it can actually scratch your eye."Click here for more information on the hazards of ashfall. From its peak on May 2 to the most recent measurement at 9 p.m.Gas: Gas emitted during steam-drive explosions will be mainly steam, but will include some sulfur dioxide (SO2) as well. on May 6, the lava lake surface dropped a total of more than 200 meters (656 feet).It’s unclear how many months along Proctor is into the pregnancy.She is a former model who has a daughter from a previous relationship.Subsequent measurements have not been possible due to thick fumes and the increasing depth to the lava surface.However, thermal images indicate continued lowering of the lake surface since that time, consistent with deflationary tilt recorded at Kilauea's summit.


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