Positive and negative characteristics of dating

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In humanity's evolution we emerged from physical existence where our physical traits predominated, such as hunting and other survival skills, to the development of more complex vital feelings and relationships, such as trade, cooperation, and affinity toward marriage, to sophisticated traits of the mind, such as analyzing, synthesizing, calculating, rational thinking, etc.These are positive or neutral characteristics developed over the course of human evolution.

Anger, hate, intense desire, lust, jealousy, et al are negative vital traits; while domination, tendency to violence, et al are examples of negative physical characteristics.

And so we see how life evolved both a plethora of qualities in the human, both positive and negative, to enable the greatest variety of experience, from which we can evolve our nature and through that discovery experience delight.

If traits of human consciousness express positively and negatively, then we can take inventory of all of them, and determine where we are lacking.

If we then make the sincere effort to strengthen the positive or overcome negative, we grow as individuals; plus it is highly likely that life will quickly respond in our favor to our efforts.

Interestingly, though the Intent of the Supreme was/is to spread these spiritual aspects throughout the cosmos, they initially took shape in their opposite form, as an inversion. life first emerged in the universe as Thus, life, and indeed we humans have roots in unconsciousness mixed with the consciousness.

And we have come to embody them in the form of both positive and negative character traits -- expressing the physical, vital, and mental levels.An obvious question is why would a Divine Reality allow for both formations of darkness and light?Why not just manifest Its own, infinitely positive spiritual attributes?And one important reason for their positivity lies in their open-mindedness.They are the ones who believe in moving on and exploring. However, this want for freedom can sometimes make them impatient and tactless. They tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes.Recently, a fellow subscriber to the forum asked why does hate, anger, love, curiosity, admiration, etc. It was a very innocent yet important question that I would like to address.Seekers of the Spirit throughout time have noticed that the Divine Reality expresses in various ways, including Peace, Oneness, Wisdom, Knowledge, Creativity, Beauty, Goodness, Love, Delight, Power, Timelessness, and Infinity.There are hundreds of human qualities that express at the physical, vital, and mental level; often centrally in one, though with a slight shading of another. attitudes are vital, but they have a slight mental aspect to them.Personal values and beliefs are predominantly mental, but also have a vital component in that there is a willful aspect.These are also qualities that the Supreme seeks to manifest in the forms of creation.We humans are the means by which they take shape on earth.


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