Pisces man dating a pisces woman

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When they have a hunch, you may want to go with it, as they are very intuitive, perhaps even psychic.

They have a natural gift of prophecy and are many times involved in the occult and spiritualism.

Because they often live in a dream world, they may be impractical and lazy.

They may lack confidence in themselves at times and that leads them to be loners.

We’ll wait and wait for the man we are dating to first utter those three words we long to hear ‘I love you’ followed by a close second ‘let’s get married.’ The problem is that some of us wait, and wait, and wait.

Months, then years pass and the most we get from our guy is the occasional ‘you’re cool’ or ‘you’re a lot of fun.’ Futures aren’t build on fun alone.

This may have to do with the fact that they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery.

Pisces are influenced by the environment around them and the people in it more so than any other sign of the zodiac.

In fact, they may have a problem at times distinguishing fantasy from reality. They have a sense that seems to let them get inside another's skin to understand how they are feeling.

They tend to go with their emotions and instincts rather than their rational and intellect. However, they get so into other people's problems, they often lose strength they need themselves.


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