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As you can see I don’t bother to get Picasa to look for photographs in some folders on my machine – mainly because I know these areas have duplicates at different sizes.If you haven’t hidden your folders, then it looks like rebuilding your database is going to be required. There is a ‘secret’ key sequence you can use when starting Picasa that tells it to delete and rebuild the database.

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Or as Flickr puts it: That’s quite enough space for most people! Also, remember to check that your back ups are okay, and make a new copy every now and then. So, if your pictures are important make sure they are backed up.

Especially before doing anything recommended above. Do not rely on the likes of Facebook to keep copies of your pictures.

If you use Picasa, the desktop based photograph management and uploading application from Google, you need to be aware that Picasa can lose images and folders from time to time.

If you notice your pictures going missing in Picasa, first off, Don’t Panic!

This is fine if you haven’t been using Picasa’s virtual albums, or making use of Picasa’s rather uncanny face recognition software.

In either case you’d need to start again from scratch.So I spent a couple of hours reading endless forums trying to find a solution that wouldn’t lose my albums.I’m not quite so worried about the people recognition, but it would be nice to keep that too.Read more about the use of cookies on the Secunia website.You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum.In Picasa click on File and then select Add folder to Picasa…Now check the list of folders for any that have a cross beside them.To work you must start Picasa from the Windows Start Menu or the Task bar.Hold down the Then all you have to do is sit back and wait… while it finds all your pictures, repopulates your Photo albums, and also (if you have Face recognition turned on) goes through and finds all the faces again.External drives, SD Cards, DVDs all offer fairly easy ways of making back-ups – depending on how many pictures you have.I also keep copies of my pictures on-line in Flickr – you can have up to 1 terabyte free.


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