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Long the stepchild to porn, phone sex has come into its own.Those who enjoy this randy pleasure know that phone sex is a fun way to connect with another person in a sexual way without actually touching the other person, except verbally.It’s also ideal for people who want to keep their full identities private as the other party won’t hear a voice and won’t even have to know a name.

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Phone sex isn’t just dirty talk, however; it can take a few different forms.

It can be guided by the more expert of the two people, it can include sexual sounds from either or both parties and it can include different sexual stories, anecdotes or confessions.

The user can call up a useful video and use it before heading into the bedroom with a partner, or can use it to encourage manual stimulation.

It might be a discreet and unobtrusive way to bring new ideas into the bedroom.

Click here for Phone Sex We hear often these days about SMS sex texting ('sexting'), which is just the combination of the words “sex” and “texting”.

It’s often talked about in a negative light; it’s said that teenagers are engaging in sexting and that ultimately that must be a bad thing.When safe sex is a concern, phone sex provides a way for people to connect sexually without ever touching each other (and, in the case of commercial phone sex, without ever even meeting each other).When we think of phone sex, most of us think about a commercial transaction in which one party calls another, gives payment information and essentially pays for the dirty talk, but phone sex can also exist in the context of a real-life relationship, either for fun or to fill the gaps when one partner is away for an extended period of time.While this previously resulted in a high service charge from the service provider, these new phones can stream the movies and other content at no extra charge, making the idea of getting a little erotica on the go a bit more palatable.There are many reasons why being able to stream movies on the phone is desirable.What better way to get your porn fix than via your (private) cell phone? This is a new and exciting way to deliver phone sex.It can be both fun and funny depending on your experience and preference and it can serve to get you going into a night of sexy fun. Aaaah, the mother ship of all forms of phone erotica is the old-fashioned yet still timely phone sex.Specifically, phone sex refers to conversation between two people that’s sexually explicit in nature.Usually one person enjoys sexual sharing fantasies while the other person masturbates or simply enjoys sexual fantasy as well.Of course, if you are really having some fun, it’s best to sex text in private so you can truly enjoy the fruits of your texting labor. While it used to be you had to pop your VHS movie (or more recently DVD) into the player and watch your adult movie in the comfort of your home (or sometimes, hotel room), now you can get that movie on your phone for discreet and private viewing on the go.Most Smartphones can easily stream these movies these days.


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