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I am sure there are some other times it would have been nice to know it, but it has only cost me some time or money very rarely.I actually thought there was a little better English in Cambodia than in Thailand.Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles’ – amongst expats that becomes a sarcastic in-joke that Thais always smile to your face but talk bad about you behind your back. Filipina women seem to have a much more genuine interest in foreigners.

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The vast majority of Cambodia women are either saving themselves for marriage, or are working girls.

In the Philippines you have many girls that fit in both of those categories.

All other regions of the Philippines are also covered in detail as well.

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By contrast if you were planning on staying in either Thailand or Cambodia long term it would definitely pay off to learn the language.

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I personally don’t find Thais that attractive, however most guys would rate Thai women the hottest of the three.

But from a willingness to hook up with foreigners in casual relationships, and overall horniness level the Philippines is a 10 and Cambodia is a 1.


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