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It is therefore very important to sample landforms where partial bleaching is likely to be minimal. Measurements on ages are often reported very precisely, and ever-improving laboratory techniques mean that uncertainties are always decreasing.But it is important not to take these ages at face value, and to think critically about whether or not they may be accurate.

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The project will also seek to engage the local diving community on Scilly.

Project Manager - Charlie Johns The land of Lyonesse is a legendary, low-lying country said to once extend westwards from Land’s End to the Isles of Scilly.

), then many of your boulders may have rolled or been covered with snow. It is the job of the scientist to sample carefully to minimise these potential sources of inaccuracies in cosmogenic nuclide dating.

Radiocarbon dating relies on the regular radioactive decay of carbon-14 in organic matter.

This project is co-ordinated by Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council.

It will include the participation of experts from Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Exter and Plymouth Universities as well as the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeological Society (CISMAS).

One source of inaccuracies in radiocarbon dating is contamination.

If your sample becomes contaminated with younger, modern material during the sampling process, then it will be invalid. If you sample sediments from the bottom of a lake that has a lot of incoming waters that have ancient radiocarbon in then, then you will derive an anomalously old age.

However, if the clocks change and you forget to reset your wrist watch, then you have a very precise time but it is not very accurate – you will be an hour early or late for all of your meetings!

See the difference between accurate and precise measurements in the bull’s eye figure below.


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