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Better change that reservation from two people to five.9. This goes for all women, really, but chances are her schedule fills up very quickly. You probably won't get to be alone with her on her actual birthday.

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You do not have to invest an effort to impress each one of her friends, but just her closest friends.

Girls form their opinion of men by talking and discussing with their friends.

Believe it or not, but girls do look for these qualities in men. Unfortunately, there is no 'conversation starter pack' but we do have some handful tips on how to say the right things to the girl you've been crushing on!

First impressions are also made by starting with the right conversation, so if you know how to begin a good conversation, don't shy away!

Girls are naturally more attracted to men who are confident. It simply means that you are comfortable with yourself and sure of your abilities.

Having a confident attitude will also convey to the girl that she can depend on you.You'll get to have a lot of guys' nights, because she'll be out having girls' nights pretty often.If you like to get alone time, this is the girl for you.8. Oh, were you going to get dinner with her after she grabbed an after-work drink with her friends?You can always cultivate some hidden talents but no, don't get us wrong!We're not saying you need to be talented to impress a girl or you need to cultivate a talent just for her. Talent can easily help you to stand out from everybody, in her eyes.This tends to have an indirect but amplified effect on the girl.By impressing her friends you can trigger a chain reaction which will eventually cause your dream girl to be impressed with you.Indian girls are a class apart and it takes some amount of perseverance and dedication to impress them.We're not saying it's impossible, we're just saying it takes an effort and why shouldn't it? She'll love you with all her heart and soul too; we just mean the F when we say BFF. She probably has more than one best friend and you better know the difference.You don't have to be besties with all of them, but you should feel comfortable with at least a few friends in each crew.


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