Orcad updating all instances

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'submodule.sch' and 'submodule.brd'), and then use multiple instances of 'submodule' to make a new design: '8submodules' (which contains 8 instances of 'submodule').

Yes, you can copy and paste, but I desire the ability to change the 'submodule' and it automatically updating all the instances.

We’ll account for this by setting the variable ourselves.

Below is the completed unattended installation script that I’ve created.

** @REM ** ** @REM ** Save this file to the root of your Or CAD installation files (at the ** @REM ** same level as setup.exe, Disk1, Disk2, etc).

Modify the variable ** @REM ** below called "ORCAD_LICENSING" to reflect the port and name of your ** @REM ** EMA Or CAD licensing server.Open the file called ** @REM ** under Disk1\documents\ and modify it with the ** @REM ** appropriate settings for your environment as per the EMA's install ** @REM ** guide, or base it off my own file (The ** @REM ** installer will copy the file to your local temp folder, run the ** @REM ** setup unattended (not silent!If your Or CAD install script exist before the installation is completed, your next install will probably fail.I account for this behavior by running from a new command shell (using (several instances of msiexec) complete.This post will teach you how to create an unattended installation of EMA Or CAD 16.6. Normally an Install Shield installation can be automated by recording a manual install to a script file () and playing it back (/s /f1 “setup.iss”), but EMA does things a little bit differently.If you glance through the Install Guide (which you can download with your Or CAD software) you’ll see that the installation is configured by using a silent installation file called [State] ; Ignore the fact that there is far to much junk on my drive IKNOWBEST=YES ; ; defines the install location ; Target Dir=C:\Cadence\SPB_16.6-silent ; ; Reboots if required at conclusion of installation ; Reboot If Reqd=N ; ; File Server Location ; ; File Server Location Dir=G:\SPB_16.6 ; ; identifies desired maintenance behavior ; possible values are: REMOVEALL, MODIFY, REPAIR ; On Maintenance=REMOVEALL ; ; If REMOVEALL is selected for maintenance, this flag ; determines if rollback (if applicable) should ; be performed ; ; Rollback=N ; Do you want to backup the files updated in ISR install ; Y indicates yes ; Isr Backup=Y ; Allusers identifies the alluesr vs Cuurent user installation ; A value of NO means current user and YES meas for All Users ALLUSERS=YES ; First time installation MODE ; You can CHOOSE COMPLETE too MODE=COMPLETE ; Crystal reports should be updated ; Y- yes ; N - skipped UPDATE_CRSTAL=Y ;.That’s, like, the exact opposite of what unattended means.Running the License Configuration Utility just creates an environment variable called that points to the license server you should already have in place.We have quite a few drawings that has an old Title Block and lately we have updated SW to use a new title block but the new title block gets added only to newly created drawings.How can I update the old title block with the new one?


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