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In the hope to bring two communities closer together, Open Solaris Developer Conference talkes place simultaneously with another international developer conference with a long tradition: The Linux-Kongress.

You are welcome to spend the connecting weekend in Dresden to explore the historical city.

How does your nonprofit embrace reflective practice and learning?

A number of genetic disorders occur more frequently in certain ethnic populations.

The ruins remained during the time of GDR (1949-1990), after reunification with Western Germany the Frauenkirche was reconstructed.

Today the city has a unique silhoutte of historical buildings with Frauenkirche, other churches, Semper Opera and the Dresden Zwinger. Registration information will be available by September 21.

Brennan shared some of the core techniques of developmental evaluation which included: 1. Meaning Making–Cross department interpretation of data in real-time 3.

Key Informant/Stakeholder Surveys and Interviews These techniques are often applied to measuring social media and networks and making sense of the data.

Our genes contain DNA, the set of instructions that makes up who we are.

All chromosomes (and the genes that are on those chromosomes) come in pairs.


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